HomeoPet Anxiety


Homeopathic remedy designed to provide relief of anxiety in pets and alleviate unwanted behavior. It is a fast acting non-sedating liquid designed to be safe, natural and effective. This medication can be taken when needed, and can be administered either directly through the mouth, or indirectly by mixing it with your pet's food or water.

It comes in two different formulas. The Anxiety formula is for general nervousness in pets caused by unfamiliar environments, vet visits, grooming, kenneling, and the introduction of new pets. Prevents barking, whining, crying, and hiding.

The TFLN formula works on anxiety from fear of thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises, wind or rain. Prevents restlessness and anxiety in dogs and cats. 15 ml bottle.



  • 1-20 lbs&… 5 drops = one dose
  • 20-100lbs… 10 drops = one dose
  • Over 100lbs… 15 drops = one dose